Lucía García

(fashion writer_ LONDON)

23 years old, I am fashion lover especially of its most independent. I deeply believe that creativity can be channeled through any means. I studied at the School of Design Goymar complement my training and various courses related to fashion and design, is one of them, with the coolhunter Daniel Cordoba where I met María Paz Caballero, with whom I share the concern of the constant search for new social trends that influence both the fashion industry.


Daniel Malvido

(tour guide_ A CORUÑA)

I´ve started my studies in my hometown (A Coruña) in 2000 at the age of 18. In 2003 I went to Southampton (UK) to accomplish a BA and in 2006, after working in hotel Formentor (Mallorca) I moved to Berlin. There, I became a guide, working for different companies till 2009. In between, during the whole 2007, I got an internship at the marketing and PR department in Turspain – Franfurt am Main, supervising different MICE events. I work with different groups as a local guide in Galicia since 2010 (APIT-Galicia) in English, Galician, German or Spanish showing them this beautiful region at the very NW part of Spain. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to study a master degree at the UdC during 2010 and 2011 (Planning and Promotion of Tourism) and in 2012 I was lucky enough to take part in the first program of Corporate Social Responsibility organized by the local University UdC and Inditex.


Charlie Cole

(fashion writer_ VALENCIA)

Was born in Colombia, in a normal, common, family a mother, those that you love to say enough, a grandmother and a few guys who became my guides (of them I must admit that thanks to them interested in fashion and music). Since a few years ago I throw into the adventure and live in Spain, between Fuerteventura and Valencia (and many visits to Madrid) study art high school, in September 2012 began to study fashion in the EASD. I am passionate about fashion, music, art and trends; I love writing and reading books and magazines, I love to design, create, listen, see, photograph, learn and discover, they are the things that give meaning to my life. For some time I decided to dedicate myself 100% to my passions, to write every day about my vision of the world of fashion, in my blog Also I am fashion editor for VeoVeo magazine andWooman, where I write about fashion, characters, style, and trend towards a female audience. However I am lover of innovating to meet and discover all that which at first glance is not.