María Paz Caballero is part of the board of the Spanish Association of Coolhunting since June 2012. AEC is an organization co-founded and led by D. Manuel Serrano. Composed of more than 400 professionals and companies involved in the discipline of coolhunting. Its mission is to serve and meet the needs of its members by providing a range of services, in line with the principles and values ​​of the association, to be continuously adapted to the needs you have partners at all times. It was created in 2009, thanks to the initiative of D. Manuel Serrano and a group of professionals, motivated by the growing importance of discipline within coolhunting began acquiring Spanish companies, as well as the need to train, assist, promote and support coolhunters. Intended as a reference with national and international visibility, which adds value to all its stakeholders, fostering professional development and / or business partners over time.