#359 #TrendTourAsturias_part_II: Gijón

After enjoying a delicious meal with some of the most typical Asturian dishes at La Galana , we visited one of the exclusive perfume  and cosmetic shop La Vie Est Belle , delicate and intimate place, cared and where products are known because of quality and exclusivity, selling not only in the shop but also through her web.


Then LABoral Gijon, Centre for Art where industrial creation and art come together. It has different means for the development of different multidisciplinary proposals, having several areas dedicated to the development, dissemination , training, production, exhibition and research project, carried out by regional artists. LABoral is becoming one of the most trendiest places in the region.


Our last visit took place in Cucareliquiabrand founded by Hector Jareño Amieva and Adrián López Díaz, the designers who seek to unique design, handmade, high quality and with the best materials and treatments accessories items that are maintained over time and wear out the best way to become heirlooms. Their project was created with the idea of recovering the value of craft things, thats why the gargments are made in Spain, except for the silk scarf which can be only printed in Italy. As its creators says ” the very essence of Cucareliquia is not a design, but a way of doing, what really lasts. shapes and colors are in fashion, the essence and personality is what makes it eternal. Jewels are bags and bags are gems does it matter ? ” the idea of a company that creates unique pieces, timeless, delicate and meticulous to detail , recovering the expertise of handcrafts and mixing possibilities and technologies of today’s world creating a relationship in which the two sides coexist and complement each other to generate a brilliant product. The company also collaborates with other designers and illustrators including Brianda James Fitz  or Abraham Menéndez Peterssen.


Evening and food time! restaurant El Crocante where we enjoyed a delicious dinner, perhaps the best of the tour, in a convenient, comfortable place to mix the most contemporary and classic recipes by David and Cristina made us to be really impressed. The night ended in the Primavera Sound Touring Party where we attended to the gig of one of the most acclaimed groups of the alternative music scene in Spain for them experimental sound ZA!.

Charlie Cole