#358 #TrendTourAsturias_part_I: Gijón

There are magical places, places that you love because of the streets, the food , the people, spaces. There are places to discover, so it is Asturias, a place that welcomed us with love and where we had time enough to discover thousands of places and three beautiful cities such as Gijón , Oviedo and Avilés, the ones that we visited during #trendtourasturias.  Not just us, we spent great time with tendencias tv, La Mono magazine , Good 2 be and Heel & Cigarettes. Gijón was the first city we visited, and we stayed at Hotel Abba Playa, a hotel with a great location that allowed us to have respect of the nearby sea.

09.00 am we started the tour, we discovered some of the most iconic and historical sites  in Gijón. Its the location makes it an open city, where the sea becomes the parent and it helds some of the most important cinema festivals in Spain.  We want to thank Alejandra Nuño from amor propio and Ana from Asturias Tourism, who were in charge of showing us the trendy and alternative part of the city.

Our first stop was La Pause where we enjoyed a delicious aperitif before the shopping tour.


Our first fashion brand stop was at the Atelier showroom of  Carmen Nietoa young designer working in a personalized way, femininity and personal design are one of the main features of her work. She is inspired using different materials when making clothes and accessories. The showroom was established in 2010 and has accersories as well as garments of her latest collections.


Bellamoza, a family project founded by two sisters, a small shop with products 100% natural, Discos Paraiso magical and considered one of the most emblematic music shops in Spain and Jo Mami Cool Kids, clothes and cool items for children. The vintage clothing and decor shop  La Merced 3, a space to fall in love with, run by a couple who had worked within fashion world.

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