#351 (trendtour valencia for bloggers_part one)

The trendtours are back in town! so it was the perfect time to share with you the bloggers that we invited from Madrid for a very special afternoon. Ruben and Nerea from Sublime Pebbles Vintage, Agostina from Gossips Made Famous and Nacho Oliete Blog World were our bloggers chosen. Early in the morning our bloggers came to town and we hosted them in Hotels Ding Dong, a very cute hotel located in the old town El Carmen, where location made even more pleasant and comfortable their visit to Valencia. We have selected for them some interesting places for the trendtour: the meeting point was Las Delicias, where Mónica Piñones, as always, made our visit such a special moment. After having a tea there, next stop was the sustainable designs by Kúbelik, vintage fashion shop Santo Spirito Vintage and A. Vintage Jazz. The tour ended with the presentation of “Caleidoscopio” the latest collection of the designer Barbara Torrijos and with an after party for us. If you want to experience something different and enjoy our #Trendtours please write to charlie@trendsandtopics.es


Charlie Cole