#341 (trendtour east london_part one)

We enjoyed a day off visiting some cool spots in east london. Do u wanna join us for the next one? 🙂

1. Shoreditch High Street

We visited the box park and the pop up store Trendsetuk:


2. Haggerston

We found some good places to take pictures 🙂


(Javi von Bismarck)

3. Dalston

Dalston was our best success! Love it the place!

IMG_0686Stunt Dolly:

IMG_0682Have you ever thought about how cool african shops are? Check them out!

WIgs, nails and strage things everywhere:



One of our favs stores in Dalston, Pelicans&Parrots (we already write about this shop, check here)

IMG_0695IMG_0696IMG_0697IMG_0698María Paz Caballero