#336 (papiroga)

A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet Leire, Stephanie and Daniel, a project whose name (Papiroga, origami-Yoga) caught my attention. Papiroga are accessories, mainly necklaces, in which the most important value are their need to connect with the emotions of the customer, hence the basis of his philosophy. Each of the collection responds to different emotions, looking to connect with the state of mood that we may have at one time, day or place. Designing on the basis of this philosophy they create three styles: cool (represents a strong, bold and independent woman), happy (energy, color and positivity) and mash (intimate and sensuality). Handmade, emotions and sensitivity is for what they are trying to bet, running away from the big brands. Papiroga has the inspiration in women of all types that exist within the same, their emotions and how they feel every day, that´s why they offer a varied and different collection. This idea breaks with the obligations and laws that dictate the current fashion world, they create based on the emotions to what they feel and what they believe. Other values added to this project is the craftsmanship and the contact with his team. They seek to connect with the client, transmit and tell something, They do not believe in the design without a soul, that is the philosophy that investing in improving the quality of life of the people who work with them, a fair and remunerative work as well. They ecently opened stores in Canada in addition to Moscow, São Paulo and Madrid. Also the necklaces have been protagonists of various covers and articles in international magazines such as Cosmopolitan Russia”Glamour, Elle, Vogue Espanapapiroga. And remember “don’ t shop compulsively, don’t compare yourself with anyone. Just be yourself. Enjoy life. Share. “



IMG_20130403_094835Charlie Cole