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Despite her youth, Marta Ortiz radiates professionalism and kindness. Her elegance and her commitment to the world of fashion have launched her to the best runways in the world. Based in New York and pass by Valencia just a day before leaving to Berlin, we had the please of meeting her to talk about fashion and her work within catwalks and designers.

1. We already know your beginnings in the world of fashion. Can you tell the story to our followers?

I started when I was 15 years old in the contest of “New faces for Valencia Fashion Week” in Valencia parading that same year in zone D. This was in 2010. It was all very fast and I learned to rush from the hand of the agency representing me.

2. What you think are the keys to your success to give the, as hoped, international jump?

Actually, I think the key was the choice of a good and effective agency. That and my willingness for throwing me to the world and experience. I was eager to take advantage of the opportunity that I was offering and I am very satisfied of my decision.


3. Sure that you’ve had to sacrifice some things for it. What things you have had to leave parked or what things you’ve had to give up?

It was heavy for me renounce the moments that usually a teenager live with a seated and conventional life. I’ve lost contact with some friends, and I’ve lost important moments of my sisters and my family. Then of course, we have been able to compensate them.

4. When you first started to model for Vivianne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel,… What was causing you to feel excited or nervous? (if you feel it somehow)

I’m a very quiet person and I don’t lose easily my temper for anything. Perhaps confidence in myself which allows me to that self-control. I enjoy every moment and every catwalk becomes an exciting time. Still remember the only time I got really nervous and my legs were shaking…(laughs). It was just the first time I modeled in the Valencia Fashion Week, perhaps because it is a huge space and you can people very close.


5. From your point of view and what is said in the back stages in the whole world… what is happening currently in the international fashion world?

The fashion world is living a moment of very creative and artistic spirit. It is as if has had even more pronounced these synergies between art and clothing, architecture and forms,… is a very imaginative times. In the time of crisis in the sector, the feeling that I think that we want to transmit internationally, mainly, is just pretend it doesn’t exist and that you can continue creating.

6. The best and worst for you, from sunrise in Tokyo and sleep in NYC the next day, going to kiss your family in Spain.

Travel and work at this continue non stoping has allowed me to know cultures and have incredible moments, great places, people. Each trip becomes an unique experience and each catwalk in each different place, an unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, Tokyo has been the place that marked me most because of its diversity. It is really another world. I do not usually program my trips, unless there are unavoidable professional commitments. I don’t buy airline tickets until the last minute and, far from getting nervous, I enjoy every moment. The only moment when I feel some kind of stress is when I am heading to the airports with the typical fear of missing the flight…(laughs)


7. What is your view of Spanish fashion?

Everyone knows the bad time which passes through fashion in general and the Spanish in particular, but it is clear what to look in the internationalization. It seems that in Spain there is still a little fear to look outside our borders, but in other countries, however, it is usual.

8. What do you think of the importance that bloggers are getting in our country? Each one should show as you can and as you wish. 

There are many tools that allow it and are there for that. Moreover, the models are usually “sold” frequently through social networks and many designers and coach have echoed this. The ways to communicate and generate networking have changed and that must take advantage of it.

9. What things we are missing in Spain within fashion and they are already working abroad?

Spain has a lot potential in all fields. We have to continue defending our own identity as we are, and export it. Our designers and our models have nothing to envy to what is out there but we still even have the “inferiority complex” that makes this hard to beat some walls. We have to appreciate things in our land and we still have fear – now with the crisis perhaps less – of going out to work.

10. Your favorites brands or designers. In one hand, Givenchy, Lanvin and Azzedine Alaïa make me great admiration.

A very cared image and creativity of a brand makes you really feel the spirit of the brand and these ones for me have known do it very well. On the other hand, Galiano is one of the designers that I can not forget to name. Its authenticity and talent raise him to the level of genius.

Thanks Marta for your time. We wish you all the best, you are an amazing professional.


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